Kinesiology TAPE +


It's Superstickiness Will Make it Easier on You!

Features & Benefits

- Supersticky yet very comfortable


- Lasts 7 days average


- Does not leave glue residue

- Waterproof, greaseproof - can apply to wet or oily skin at any time, even during competition!

- Supports muscles

- Helps lymphatic drainage - quicker healing

- Corrects joint problems

- Stretches 170% - allows (and encourages) full range of motion

- Soft and breathable

- Easy Tear

- Hypoallergenic, Latex Free

What You Should Know About
Kinesiology TAPE +

The Days of Complicated Kinetic Taping are Gone because of the + !

- Now easy to apply

- It doesn't take an expert to apply it well
- Apply it whenever you want
- Guaranteed to stay on!

Its Superstickiness Makes it Easier on You!

Typically Kinesiology tape instructions say something like: "Warning: Apply on clean, dry skin at least 30 minutes before competition or workout. Trained professional should apply tape whenever possible." Not with the +!

You Will Use It More to Perform Better Because its Easy for Anyone to Apply Properly and it Stays on and on . . .


- Waterproof - easily apply to sweaty skin
- Greaseproof - will stick to oily skin
- Restickable - If you don’t get the tape on quite right, just pull it off and reapply the same tape!
- Supersticky - Lasts 7 days with great comfort yet removes easily at any time
- Easy Application - Almost anyone can expertly apply it after watching our Video Tutorials

Hassle-free Lifetime Money Back Guarantee: Kinesiology TAPE + is the best tape available or your money back - no questions asked!